Meshfrog Delivers a Hybrid of Technology & Business Services

Our perspective is that business and technology decisions must always inform one another. We help our clients and customers evaluate, build, and/or implement both technology and business process change, because today the lines “separating the technology from the business” are essentially non-existent.

Meshfrog Services

Balancing Humanity & Technology

How Can Meshfrog Assist You?

Business Consulting

Meshfrog’s consulting practice is designed to improve the way any business delivers value. Many of our engagements and recommendations do not involve specific technologies when these are not the right solution to what the business wants to achieve.

Technology Consulting

Technology is, in fact, cool. But to us, it is not about what’s cool, it is about the power to improve or transform a business. Often this transformative power is dependent as much on how an organization adopts and distributes a technology, as in what the technology can do.

Custom Coding

When necessary and valuable, Meshfrog can deliver extremely high quality custom technology products to help an organization reach its objectives. While the need for custom code seems to be diminishing in this age of inexpensive Internet apps, there are often important pieces that need to be built and deployed in order to help these proliferating systems communicate with each other, or with legacy platforms.

Integration & Implementation

Meshfrog can provide a full range of hands-on technology services when warranted. In our consulting engagements we try to keep our recommendations pragmatic, and we welcome a chance to help with a real implementation. From project management to networking, database design to Windows admin tasks, we can provide the right expertise to get the project completed as necessary.

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