Industries & Verticals

Every business needs to leverage the right technology for its customers, its employees, its processes, and its mission.  We believe that our skills, philosophy, and approach allow us to bring value to any business in any industry or vertical.  The breadth and depth of our experience gives us a comprehensive set of skills and a unique perspective that we apply to each engagement.

Current and past clients and engagements have included experience in areas such as:

  • US and Canadian trading systems, technologies, and protocols
  • Regulatory/compliance issues and risk mitigation
  • Call center management
  • Market data vendors, technologies, networks, systems, and challenges.
  • Diverse order and instrument types, across multiple service architectures  using FIX or custom protocols
  • Significantly different user interface demands as a function of differences across user roles and demographics

  • Unique intersection of the medical and legal worlds
  • Standard medical practice elements such as patient scheduling, record keeping, referrals, diagnostics, etc.
  • Standard insurance payor interactions such as authorization requests and 1500 form billing
  • Large numbers of medical-legal reports and forms flowing from each step of the patient interaction and treating process
  • Specific regulatory challenges including elements of both legal/government and medical /insurance systems and statutes
  • Complex customer interactions involving patients, employers, insurers, lawyers, and government agencies

  • Business process and technology challenges similar to a college campus model
  • Tenants may stay for weeks, months or years, and may expect a wide variety of technology solutions and fee structures
  • I.T. infrastructure, LAN/WAN networks, tools, and processes face strains from both employee and tenant user bases
  • Clarity in what exact role technology plays in the customer value proposition is especially important when facilities and infrastructure are involved
  • Partnerships and joint ventures are potentially critical for services deemed outside of core capabilities

  • Building Information Modeling technology, terminology, and vendors
  • Analysis of subcontractor-general contractor interactions, processes, and data needs
  • Construction Management and Project Information Management disciplines
  • Cultural and financial implications of rapidly changing technology in the construction industry
  • Integration and data management challenges across massive multi-year construction projects involving hundreds of participating vendors and subcontractors

  • Corporate re-branding and clarifying of mission, vision, and value proposition
  • Traffic Management Systems (TMS) technologies and standards
  • Dispatch Operations for LTL and Full Truckloads
  • Enhanced financial reporting with granular comparisons across expense and revenue categories by month/quarter/year
  • Profit margin management by lane, seasonality, freight class, and equipment
  • Use of EDI for both customer-facing and vendor-facing transactions
  • Segregation of roles and duties across operational and sales tasks
  • Implementation of third party technologies to enhance intra-company and customer communications

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