Partner Bios

Peter Trenery

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Most recently, Peter served as Senior Vice President of Engineering for Nexa Technologies, a subsidiary of Penson Worldwide and a provider of hosted white-labeled trading software solutions for US and Canadian brokerage firms. In this role Peter had a team of over 65 Engineers reporting under him, responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of systems, platforms and technologies – from thick clients to thin, spanning C++, .NET and JAVA code bases, running in Windows and Linux server farms, and utilizing both Oracle and SQL Server database engines.  In his technology leadership role at Nexa, Peter was always focused on process and people as the key ingredients to getting great technology performance.  He found that the right processes and the right people are critical so that the incentives, communications, and intellects all align to produce the best possible solutions.

In his previous roles as a Vice President and Engineering Manager at Nexa Technologies, as well as Director of Software Development at Alignent Software, Peter was consistently using his deep technical skills to solve complex technical challenges, while using his people and business skills to provide the right context for successful solutions to be envisioned and then delivered.  Peter developed a well-earned reputation as a creative thinker who could both imagine and actually build technology platforms from scratch.  He also showed the unique ability to evaluate existing and troubled implementations to determine the best combination of technical, personnel, and process changes needed to get things back on track.  Peter’s experience at Agilent included turning around major projects for them as they delivered Strategic Planning software platforms to huge clients such as Motorola, Boeing, and others.

Peter knew his future lay in technology from a very young age.  He first taught himself to write code at the age of 12, and quickly moved into more advanced and challenging languages and projects.  Peter started his engineering career with Datatask Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia.  There Peter showed early flashes of his commitment, passion, and talent as he brought C and C++ capabilities to a firm that was dealing with much older technologies, and on his own initiative he began rewriting and refactoring certain key components of their system to show them what was possible.

Todd Boppell

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Todd took a circuitous route to technology, unlike Peter with his beginnings as a child prodigy.  Upon graduation from USC with a degree in Social Psychology and an interest in Organizational Behavior, Todd spent time in aerospace, publishing, and retail store management.  It was in a position managing procurement and distribution to a small chain of retail stores that he first discovered his skills in quickly absorbing and implementing technology, and perhaps more importantly in understanding it and explaining it to others. Having simultaneously honed his technical, business, communications, and leadership skills over these past 17 years, Todd spent about a year as an independent consultant focused on strategic business and technology issues, prior to forming Meshfrog with Peter Trenery in January 2012.

In his most recent corporate position, Todd was President of Nexa Technologies for two years, where he also served as Senior VP of Operations and IT for nine years prior.  Nexa, a subsidiary of Penson Worldwide, is a software company that builds and hosts stock trading platforms for a wide range of brokerage firms in the US and Canada.  Under Todd’s leadership, Nexa had approximately 130 employees, an annual budget of almost $30 million, and operated as both a cost center providing services to the parent company and as a revenue center selling services to external customers.  As President of a multimillion dollar company, Todd had complete responsibility for P&L, HR, Strategic Direction, Infrastructure, and R&D.  As President of a software company in the Financial Services space, the opportunity to deliver solutions to large brokerage firms gave him significant experience in integrating technology and support services into their operations, while also maintaining the formal processes and communications that are critical in the banking sector.

As Senior VP of Operations, Todd oversaw all aspects of Nexa’s infrastructure (both production and corporate), customer support operations, and at certain points QA and Database teams as well, with approximately 60 reports in four cities.  During these nine years as the company grew, the technical complexity and budgets and infrastructure challenges grew as well, and the biggest lessons were in the areas of building high performing teams and implementing the right combinations of technologies and process to meet customer needs in repeatable and manageable ways.  Prior to his time at Nexa, Todd held positions as Technical Director at BSSI, a consulting firm that provided comprehensive implementation services for JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and as Implementation Manager at Raymark Xpert Systems, a software company that built and deployed retail point-of-sale systems in the US and Canada.

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