Business Consulting

Meshfrog is committed to business.  We do not produce consumer software or worry about consumer electronics, but instead we focus on the intersection of business process and intuitive technology. As a software company, it may seem unusual that we tout “Business Consulting” as a core service offering, but we see the types of challenges and disciplines typically segregated as “business issues” as absolutely integral to what we do.  Delivering outstanding technology and software solutions requires a truly integrated approach to how a business operates, what it tries to achieve or deliver, and the kinds of people, process and tools it uses to get the job done. We believe that we offer unique and important insights to our clients specifically because of the way that we combine business acumen and technical expertise in everything we do.

Meshfrog’s business consulting services include areas such as:

Vision | Mission | Culture

Every engagement begins with an examination of the client’s goals and objectives, and how the tone, structure, and actions of the organization are currently supporting or preventing the desired success.  In some cases these areas are very clear and are being used to powerfully inspire and align people and resources across the business.  However in many cases we find that getting clarity on these issues is an important precursor to other possible changes and projects, and this may therefore become a critical part, or even the totality of, the consulting engagement.

Business Process Improvement

Any project that intends to improve operations, change toolsets, save money, or enhance customer satisfaction and revenues, is at its core, a Business Process project.  Some processes might be heavily technology-dependent and some may be entirely manual or based solely on human interactions, but each process exists for an explicit or implicit reason.  Key characteristics of each process might include its relative formality and rigidity, as well as what type of technology is used and how.  Identifying the processes in all of their forms, analyzing their purpose and efficacy, and then understanding how they might be altered, enhanced, or eliminated is critical to achieving any successful change.

User Experience Analysis

A core component of the Meshfrog approach and philosophy is the incredible power of The User Experience .  In fact, we believe that every business interaction creates a User Experience, and we posit that there are tangible and repeatable benefits in being purposeful about what type of experience is considered acceptable or excellent, and then setting about to ensure that all of the supporting processes, personnel, and tools are in place to create the desired perceptions.  To achieve this, we start by helping businesses see all of the layers and variations of such experiences that are occurring in their world every day.  Then we help them articulate the standards and objectives that they would like to achieve in each relevant instance.  Lastly we help them implement the processes, tools, communications, and metrics necessary to consistently deliver the User Experience to which they aspire.

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