Custom Coding

There is no One “Right” Way

As a software company, Meshfrog offers a comprehensive array of custom coding services for businesses.  We are technology, platform, and language agnostic.  Unlike some firms that seem to have “religious” perspectives about one technology vs. another, we believe in using the technology that is chosen collaboratively as best suited to the business, the needs, the budget, and the infrastructure.  While we are very happy to discuss the pros and cons of competing technologies – Windows vs. Linux, MySQL vs. SQL Server, Java vs. .NET, thick client vs. thin client – we refuse to proclaim one as always better than another and we instead prefer to use the most appropriate technology for the job.

The Process is an Important Tool

While our Agile Methodology and our unique perspective on The User Experience are reflected in all of our services to some degree, they are absolutely core to our software development practices.  Direct interactions with key users are critical to getting the initial priorities set and initial requirements outlined, while ongoing development, testing, and deployment of small pieces of software is critical to maintaining momentum and delivering high-value technology that is constantly adapting to insights and changes as they are recognized.

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