Implementation & Integration

Implementation and integration services span a range of more hands-on technical project tasks, and as such we decided to give them their own section.  Meshfrog believes strongly in delivering solid recommendations and powerful insights based on the unique combination of skills that we bring to every engagement.  We strive to ensure that our recommendations are absolutely implementable, and in many cases we are asked to manage or assist with the implementation.

Implementation Services

Meshfrog is happy to provide traditional project management services when needed, creating project plans and communicating on milestones and deadlines as the project progresses.  We are also happy to contribute our skills to the project team to perform specific implementation and configuration tasks, under other project leadership, when our skills supplement the skills of the existing resources.

Integration Services

As described in our Custom Coding services, very often a technology product will need to be integrated with existing technologies, processes, and data sources in order to produce the optimum benefits for the business.  Meshfrog has extensive experience with enterprise databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL) as well as all types of API architectures and protocols.  The depth and breadth of these capabilities allow us to assist in any size and scope of integration effort, across various platforms and technologies.

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